Why Now is a Great Time to Buy a Vacation Home on Lake Tulloch!

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Considering buying a vacation home on Lake Tulloch?  Perhaps you’ve visited friends or family that currently live in either the Poker Flat or Connor Estates communities on Lake Tulloch or you’ve heard about life on Lake Tulloch and want to check it out for yourself.  You may even be trying to determine the best place to buy a vacation home and are weighing your options.  No matter where you’re coming from; now is a great time to buy a vacation home!

While you may be leery of taking on a second mortgage, investing in a vacation home can be a very smart decision.  Investing now in any piece of real estate should be good long-term investment.  Vacation homes can be an even better option as they can bring in income if you plan to rent it out when you’re not using the home.  I’ve gathered a few other key reasons why buying a vacation home on Lake Tulloch now is a great idea!

– Prices Are Low– This alone can be enough of a reason to buy a vacation home in any of the Lake Tulloch Communities!  Home prices are at an all time low and will only go up as we reach 2012, so be sure to cash in on the deals that are currently available in the Lake Tulloch Real Estate market.

– Interest Rates are Low– Banks are still going through a time of recovery and are keeping interest rates at an all time low.  They’re committed to bringing about a renewed trust in the real estate market and are willing to give buyers a helping hand.

– Inventory is High– There are many beautiful homes available on or near Lake Tulloch!  Because this is a buyers’ market; you’ll have plenty of options from which to choose.  As a Lake Tulloch Real Estate agent; I would be happy to show you some of the homes currently for sale on Lake Tulloch!

– You’ll Be Ahead of the Seasonal Rush– The spring is always the busiest season for buying a vacation home on Lake Tulloch.  Many are planning ahead to enjoy their summer on this great lake which offers endless activities, vibrant communities and complete relaxation.  Buying now will ensure you have less competition in finding your vacation home!

Buying a vacation home on Lake Tulloch can be a big decision, but I hope these reasons help in your decision making process.  If you have questions regarding current available homes in the Lake Tulloch/Copperopolis area, or questions about the Lake Tulloch Real Estate market; please let me know!  I’d be happy to answer your questions and discuss your options.  You’ll be relaxing on Lake Tulloch in your vacation home before you know it!

Aaron Stafford

Your Local Lake Tulloch Real Estate Expert
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