Make your dream of a waterfront lifestyle a reality at Lake Tulloch!

There are only three major lakes in Northern California that allow you to own land up to and under the water which allows you and your family to own your own dock on a lake where you can water ski, wakeboard, jetski, fish, or just enjoy yourself.

Lake Tulloch View from Green Springs


Lake Tulloch Tahoe Clear Lake
Historically has been drought resistant even during worst years of drought. YES NO NO
1.5 hour drive from the Bay Area YES NO NO
Just below the snow line means skiing is close, but no messy traffic on holiday weekends YES NO NO
Great water for skiing and wakeboards YES CHOPPY YES
Historically 2 feet of water let in, 2 feet of water out every day makes for great circulation, and thus beautiful, clean and healthy water. YES YES NO
Affordable waterfront homes YES NO YES


Now is the perfect opportunity to seize your Lake Tulloch legacy at prices that have not been seen in years. For more information, please call Aaron Stafford at (209) 840-1432 or visit I look forward to helping you make your waterfront dreams a reality.

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